Starting From Scratch

I’ve never built anything. The last time I picked up a hammer and nail with the purpose of building something that would be solely my own, was when I was 7. Yes, 7. IKEA furniture doesn’t count. Hanging shelves certainly doesn’t. So, no. I’ve never built anything.

I started with research, the kind that turns your screen into a disorganized file cabinet with so many tabs open, that you can’t remember what they all are anymore, and periodically click through them all to remind yourself. It’s like a bread crumb of your trail of thoughts. Fascinating actually, since you’re able to see all this clear evidence of where your head has been skipping around for the last two hours.

I researched coop styles, how to build a coop, the best materials to use. Then I moved onto the chickens themselves. What kinds of chickens are friendliest? Which lay colorful eggs? Where can I get them?

Hours and hours later, I’ve almost made up my mind about what kind of chickens to buy. I’ve basically decided what kind of coop to build. Yet…still nothing solid. If you know me, you know that decisions are not my strong suit. I never know what I want, or if what I want is right, or if its also best for everyone else involved…decisions man. They are the worst.

Meanwhile on the construction front, I’m already facing some intimidating problems, like, can I modify these plans and move the door over here without compromising structural integrity? How do I make sure it doesn’t leak in the rain? How do I make it ventilated enough? How do I use one of those small handheld electric saws? What are those even called? Am I supposed to use screws or nails? A full nest box full of questions that many people with even limited construction knowledge could probably answer.

So what do you do when you have questions about construction? Naturally, you turn to your dad, right? I started with my first question…can I move the door do a different side? I was prepared for a long, strange answer. What I was not prepared for was the angry lecture about building things, and having a strong plan, a string of mostly unrelated questions, a history lesson on my dad’s life and chickens, and so much more. In case you were wondering, my question wasn’t answered.

Okay. Moving forward. I’ll get there. I’m planning to speak to the husband of my mom’s friend who built a chicken coop for their home. I actually visited it today and it’s more of a mansion than a coop; a beautiful feat of chicken abode construction.

For now, I’m finalizing my breed choices and, most importantly, working up the courage to get to the hardware store and finally begin getting the tools I’ll need. Starting is always the hardest part……..right? RIGHT?!

Wish me good cluck! (See what I did there?)

Much love.




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