Shake a Tail Feather

It’s already been one week since the I brought the chicks home. Watching them grow is like someone’s pressed fast forward on life.

Feathers and things appear overnight. Their size grows las though someone’s put them on steroids. Everyone’s got a few tiny tail feathers now. I didn’t know something could grow so fast until I watched it happen. Now I know what all aunts and uncles mean when they say “you’re so big now!”, except now I say it daily.


Look at those new tail feathers and wings!

The morning after I brought the chicks home, I greeted them with a “Morning chickies!” as soon as I approached their cage. After all the cuddles the night before, I expected them to come running or at least chirp happily at my arrival. Nope. Wings flapped, pine shavings flew, and the chicks scratched and scrambled their way into their apartment, safe from my evil grasp.

Determined to turn them into the friendliest chicks this side of the 405, I promised to hold each of them once a day for as long as I could. I set off for work, and once I returned, I stuck to my promise. I got a towel from the cupboard, filled a small cup with some chick food, grabbed my first victim, and made my way to the couch. The black chick and I sat for an uncomfortable ten minutes, until her restless chirping told me someone was getting more distressed by the minute.

As the days passed this week, I slowly made progress. It was pretty cool to watch the fear melt away. After two or three days, they no longer ran whenever I appeared or spoke. Now, they aren’t fazed at all by my loud call of “morning chickies!”. I found adorable success when I realized that they love to play in my hair and curl up to the warmth of my neck. It’s a nice cool down after work to come home, grab a chick or two, retreat to the couch, and get my daily dose of cuddles. When I place them on my belly and recline on the couch, they usually make their way up to my hair, toss and ruffle up the strands till they are safely covered, then fall asleep against my neck.

They’ve also begun to get playful and curious, especially the black chick, who will potentially be named George (you know, Curious George), and Chipmunk. I experimented the other night by coming up to the cage and holding some corn flakes in my hand. George didn’t even hesitate and was immediately at my hand, inspecting my gift. She pecked and grabbed at a corn flake and excitedly ran away. Chipmunk suddenly appeared and started chasing George all around the cage, trying to steal the cornflake. The other chicks were mildly interested but seemed much happier sleeping in the corner than running about after breakfast cereal.


Now, rather than instantly running when I open the cage door, George and Chipmunk run to the front and hop out (probably looking for more cornflake footballs to play with).

Our only hiccup so far has been when Chipmunk and Lavender figured out that they were small enough to squeeze through the spaces in the cage. We woke up one morning to hear loud chirping/screaming. Chipmunk had successfully made it out of the cage but got stuck trying to get back in. Don’t worry, she’s all safe and was hardly shaken up by the experience it seems since she still tries to escape whenever she can. We’ve since taped a bit of paper around the base so that nothing happens to her when no one is able to come to the rescue.

Other than that, they’ve been wonderful, puffy, poopie joys. Seriously, they poop so much. It’s amazing. The bigger they get, the bigger they poop. The bigger they poop, the more often we have to clean the cage. They’ve also begun shaking, scratching, and tossing all their food onto the floor. That might be my fault…I think they are searching for cornflakes…..

Anyway, here they all are, just one week, but already so much closer to chickens.




Black Chick (George)





Easter Egger




Last week’s photo for comparison


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