Witness my joys, frustrations, failures, and successes as I document this truly from scratch adventure.

I have no experience with carpentry, nor architectural design, nor any even relatively basic construction skills. Another area I’m lacking in? Chicken knowledge. Though I love the little feathered creatures and their ability to magically produce breakfast, I honestly don’t know very much about them, how to raise them, how to keep them safe, how to keep them happy, etc.

Why am I doing this? I wanted to build something with my own hands, as independently as I could. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be able to step back with pride, admire something, and know that it was me that made it. I also wanted to help my parents (mostly my mom), bring a little rural into our urban dwelling. The house is desperately lacking in life, even though the yard is healthy as can be. I want these chickens to be a daily reminder of where food comes from and reestablish a piece of this connection many of us have lost with our food.

So here I am. A blank slate ready to tackle this project as a complete and utter novice. In fact, novice even sounds a bit too advanced to describe me.

Wish me luck, and share in my laughter and tears.